Bullying Prevention: What Works? What Doesn’t? Part 1
Peace Be With You Phase Two
Victim Bully? or Capable Target?

Peace Be With You: Christ-Centered Bullying Solution

Peace Be With You: Christ-Centered Bullying Solution can reduce bullying incidencePeace Be With You: Christ-Centered Bullying Solution is the first Scripture based bullying prevention program. This anti-bullying curriculum for Catholics and Christians is a valuable tool for administrators and teachers working with students to address bullying situations.  Through building leadership skills, developing supportive peer relationships and managing stress, students and teachers create a safe, Christ-centered school environment.   

Peace Be With You: Christ-Centered Bullying Solution includes a Teacher Manual and a separate Student Workbook.

“We are called by Christ to follow His teaching of social justice, love our neighbor and pure of heart”

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Teacher’s Manual – Table of Contents

“Frank DiLallo has brought Christ to concerned educators and to the center of the bullying solution,” Sister Julia Hutchinson of the Diocese of Charleston, SC.

To purchase this evidenced based bullying prevention Manual and Student Workbook, contact Frank DiLallo at: fdilallo@toledodiocese.org

Here are results from research for 4th – 8th grade Catholic School Students.