In 2001 Frank DiLallo released the CD titled “The Peace Project,” a guided imagery and relaxation audio that offers tools to reduce stress and increase positive self-talk.  Through his work as a high school counselor and schools consultant, Frank found that by increasing the positive interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of students, events of aggession decreased.

Over a 10 year period, Frank continued to teach lessons on leadership skills, communication skills and building inner assets to improve self-control and reduce internal and external stressors.  This field work culminated in an evidenced based three-phase bullying prevention program.

“Peace2U: Three Phase Bullying Solution” and “Peace Be With You: Christ-Centered Bullying Solution” are published by ACE Press at the University of Notre Dame.  Through a compassionate and original approach to bully prevention, the model utilizes carefully designed classroom activities targeting grades 4-8.  There is a focus on three sequential themes and lifetime skills:

1) Leadership Skills

2) Interpersonal Skills

3) Intrapersonal Skills

Take the necessary action steps to stop bullying behaviors in your school by creating and sustaining a safe and respectful school climate through this three-phase program.

Peace2U:Three-Phase Bullying Solution includes a teacher’s manual and student workbook.

Peace Be With You: Christ-Centered Bullying Solution is the first ever faith based bullying prevention effort of its kind.  It includes a teacher’s manual and student workbook.

To purchase this evidenced based bullying prevention program, go to ACE Press