Bullying Prevention Resources


Bullying Survey

National Bullying Prevention Center

Education.com – Bullying and Teasing

Spark Action – Bullying Resources by Students

Thinkfinity – Verizon Foundation

The Surviving Bullies Charity

National Crime Prevention Council – Bullying

The Ophelia Project

Parent Center

A Call to Stop Bullying

Dedicated to increasing awareness of bullying and preventing, resolving and eliminating bullying in society.

Botvin Life Skills Training with a link to their Bullying Prevention in the Classroom series.

Pacer National Center for Bullying website Includes Kids Against Bullying Oath, games activities and information for kids parents and professionals.

Bullies to Buddies by school psychologist Izzy Kalman whose mission is to end the suffering of victims of teasing and bullying throughout the world. Includes free manuals for kids and adults.

National School Safety Center with downloadable facts sheet, discussion activities for schools and more.

Education World on bullying intervention strategies.

Hazelden and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

Bracelets reminding students of the Golden Rule.

KidPower is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating cultures of caring, respect and safety for all.


Bullying: Help for Parents

LA Congress Resource List

Bullying Handout

Confirmation for the importance of Phase III of the Peace2U: Three-Phase Bullying Solution and Peace Be With You: Christ-Centered Bullying Solution programs

A Bold Approach to Reducing Student Stress


Emotional Intelligence site with links to a definition, history, listening skills, teen suicide, cutting behavior, an extensive feeling words list and more

Dan Goleman’s blogging site

Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations



Home site for Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning

Center for Social and Emotional Education promotes positive and sustained school climate: a safe, supportive environment that nurtures social and emotional, ethical, and academic skills

The Responsive Classroom is an approach to elementary teaching that emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community.

Developmental Studies Center (DSC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to children’s academic, ethical, and social development.

Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) helps educators create safe, caring, respectful, and productive learning environments.

Search Institute is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to provide leadership, knowledge, and resources to promote healthy children, youth, and communities.

An organization dedicated to Social Emotional Learning in after school programs. Includes information, skills, video and more.



A mission to make school a place where every student feels included by their peers and accepted for who they are.

Programs to improve school climate and strengthen student character.

Anonymous online messaging service to promote student and school safety.



An educational voyage portal on a variety of topics including Multiple Intelligence.

A test on eight multiple intelligence’s titled: “What are my Learning Strengths?”

This site is filled with information on profiles, inventories, brain links, MI and instruction, MI lesson template, a discussion group, and many MI links.

Home website to Dr. Thomas Armstrong.



Definition of Relational Aggression.

Defines ten specific aspects of RA.

Roles, what schools can do, tips for parents and resources.

Fun and games that educate, lingo, resources including a PSA.

The Ophelia Project serves youth and adults who are affected by relational and other non-physical forms of aggression by providing them with a unique combination of tools, strategies and solutions.

Teen Talking Circles emphasizing healthy relationship development.

SmartGirl is an online community of thousands of girls who anonymously share their opinions, hopes, concerns, and dreams with each other



http://guarding kids.com


National Crime Prevention Council – Cyberbullying

Examples, what can be done and multiple links.

Identifies the causes and consequences of online harassment

Defines cyberbullying, how it works, prevention, taking action and the law.

Youtube video about the painful effects of cyberbullying.

Usually cyber bullying involves only minors, however, a case is currently in trial on a mother who played a MySpace hoax on a minor female teen neighbor which led to her suicide.

Cyberbullying information from Stopbullyingnow.

Downloadable Educators Guide to Cyber Bullying

A Cyber Bullying Quick Reference Guide for Parents

Cyber Bullying Warning Signs

Cyber-Bullying Emotional & Psychological Consequences

A forum for parents, teens and others on safe socializing on the fixed and mobile web.

A comprehensive site on cyberbullying

What Parents & Students Need to Know About Sexting

A Comprehensive site on Cybersafety for Teens

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