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Stress Less Series – The MusicSTRESS LESS SERIES – “THE MUSIC”


By popular demand from fans of his Peace2U and Peace Project guided meditation programs, Frank DiLallo presents the dreamy, evocative, ambient music of the Grammy winning artist, Tim Story, from the series without narration – perfect for meditation or relaxation.

For more information on Tim Story, click here.


The Peace Project by Frank DiLallo helps reduce stressTHE PEACE PROJECT


THE PEACE PROJECT is a unique approach for all ages to learn relaxation and visualization skills.  It will increase attention, focus and concentration while decreasing stress and anxiety.  It is an excellent tool for teachers to use in the classroom, for parents to use at home with their children and/or for anyone seeking a more peace-filled life.

“The content is first rate, the process is very cool and the impact can be huge!” – Fran Kick “Kickitin” Motivational Speaker

“This ranks as one of the top three most relaxed times I have ever had.” – Jay, age 16

“Before I felt like a cocoon, now I feel like a butterfly.” – Nathan, age 11

“Today’s session deeply moved me.  It really asssited me in making my way to a zero stress level.” – Ellen, 8th grade


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