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Frank A. DiLallo of Peace Be With You: Christ-Centered Bullying Solution and Peace2U: Three Phase Bullying Solutions is available for keynote addresses with his inspirational personal story and informative knowledge about bullying titled: “Bully to Leader: Three Phases to Personal Transformation.”

Teacher/Counselor/Support Basic Workshop

This 75 minute educational overview discusses how bullying impacts school climate, the overall academic mission and implications of bullying for both educators and students.  Several important  introductory bullying prevention concepts are emphasized:

  • Current statistical data surrounding the problem
  • A clear definition of what bullying is and is not
  • Ten best practices in bullying prevention
  • Strength and weaknesses of existing evidence based programs
  • How untrained teachers/counselor unwittingly contribute to bullying
  • How attitudinal responses make a difference
  • The important of teacher support and mentoring
  • Building “Bullying Mapping” to identify problem areas
  • Reporting mechanisms for school personnel, students and family
  • Corrective vs. formative approaches
  • Partnering with parents and students
  • How to begin prevention/intervention efforts

Teacher/Counselor/Support Staff Advanced Workshop

This 75 minute educational workshop takes a close look at the systemic and complex gender specific dynamic of bullying and what evidenced based solutions are available to shift student established norms into a positive school climate.  The following concepts are covered:

  • The Inverted Bullying Triangle
  • Three (3) evidence-based strategies to “right” this triangle
  • Gender differences in bullying approaches
  • Why program efforts must be inclusive
  • Transparency as key to eliminating “covert contracts” among students
  • Demonstrations of successful prevention/intervention strategies
  • Introduction to the Clear Talk and Clear Listening processes
  • Classroom management techniques that support bullying prevention efforts
  • Laws surrounding bullying and cyber bullying
  • Administrator “Do’s & Don’ts” about bullying
  • Effective parent/teacher conferencing guidelines
  • How to build successful partnerships with parents

Teacher/Counselor/Support Staff 3 Hour Training

Teacher/Counselor/Support Staff 5 Hour Training

Two Day Certification Training

On-site Bullying Prevention Training

Parent Training

Community Training

Organizational Training

Consultation Service’s

Consultative services are available on bullying prevention/intervention strategies for schools and in the workplace.

On-Site Program Observation

Following the Two Day Certification Training, schools may opt to bring in a certified Peace Be With You trainer to observe teachers implementing the curriculum with students and offer valuable feedback to enhance program effectiveness.

Stress Management

An informative, entertaining and interactive 75 minute key note presentation on simple yet effective prescriptive stress management techniques that are immediately usable to participants. The goal is to reduce individual and organizational stress which will enhance performance, increase productivity, boost morale and be sustainable over time. This presentation is customized to be relevant for the given audience which can ranging from grade 4 through adulthood. Stress management skills are highly effective and popular with adult audiences in educational and corporate settings.

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